The Ruston Hornsby Engine.
The single most impressive part of the
collection is the Ruston Hornsby Engine which
dominates the entrance to the museum.
In its time, this engine has been used to drive
generators, saws and a wide range of stone
crushing equipment.

Warrnambool Cheese & Butter Factory.
View a collection of cheese and butter making
equipment dating back to the early days of the
Butter stamps, milk bottles, butter churns and cheese hoops and a range of early milking machine accessories.
See how products were processed and packed
in the early days.

Books and Stationery.
Children's and adults fiction textbooks, writing
implements, mathmatical instruments, desk accessories.

Domestic Items.
Tableware, cooking utensils, storage containers, personal effects, china, jewellery, household furniture.

Farming Equipment.
Scythes, ploughing and harvesting equipment,
horse harness, blinkers and dray saddles.

The Historical Museum.

Adjacent to the Cheese World complex, the Museum is full of mementoes that shine a spotlight on the farming industry with exhibits dating back to the early days of Australia's dairy industry.
It features an amazing array of cheese and butter making implements and relics of everyday farm-life are on show.

The Uebergang Collection.
A collection of equipment and artifacts from
one of the regions oldest dairy farms.
Over a century of collectables that provide a
fascinating insite into the everyday life of a
local farming family.

Motor Museum.
In addition to the Uebergang Collection, the
Cheese World Museum also houses a Motor
Museum, opened in March 1996.

See a wide range of engines and motoring accessories donated and maintained by the Warrnambool and District Historical Vehicle Club.

Members of the club volunteer their time to
man the museum during holiday periods and
demonstrate operation of the machinery for the

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