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Coach Visits
Coach Visits


Group visits.

Enhance your group experience by including Cheese World on your itinerary. 
Experienced in catering for large or small groups you will be delighted with what Cheese World has to offer. 

Cheese World is the only tourist attraction of its kind in the district and provides a unique and informative insight into the local dairy industry that will interest all ages.
  • Open 7 days a week.
  • Free admission.
  • Free cheese tasting.
  • Local gourmet products / wine.
  • Local farming history.
  • Cheesemaking DVD.
  • Souvenirs / gift shop.
  • Ample coach parking.
  • Group catering available
  • Licensed cafĂ©.
  • Morning & afternoon tea / lunch.
  • Old fashioned milk shakes & locally made Timboon ice cream.
Our Group Menu Package can be found here: Group Menu Packages 
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Date is US format. (Month/Day/Year)
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To assist with itinerary planning or for more details on 
requirements, contact: 
Kim Gleeson. 
Phone: 03 5565 3130 
Fax: 03 5565 3158 
Email: cheese.world@saputo.com

Directions: Google Map